Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dear Lowry Vue...

Tonight I had to leave my seat to tell two kids "sat" on the front row for The Dark Knight Rises to stop wrestling and shut up. You read that correctly, wrestling. First off, shame on the Vue Lowry for doing next to nothing to prevent the screen becoming a jungle gym and secondly, shame on the sheer amount of tall, built guys who just sat there and watched a speccy nerd put a stop to it so they could enjoy their film.

Below is an email of complaint I've dashed off to this shameful cinema chain:

"I'd like to complain about how little I felt was done during tonight's 7pm showing of The Dark Knight Rises at Lowry Vue to minimise audience disturbance. There were two teenagers sat talking at the front of the auditorium whom I told an usher about but couldn't find as they had taken mercy on the rest of the audience and shut up for two minutes.

About ten minutes later, the noise started again and I decided to take matters into my own hands. When I reached their seats at the front of the auditorium they were wrestling and rolling around on the floor, so I told them to stop it and shut up. At this point another member of the audience got an usher and it looked like he had a word and stayed there for some time, but again, as soon as he left they started being noisy again. To make matters worst, another child was running around barefoot and as the credits started to roll fell and twisted his ankle, no doubt tired from the last half an hour's exercise. Don't pity him, he deserved it.

I've worked as an usher myself and know it can be difficult dealing with problem customers, but I'd like to ask two questions; Firstly, how often does an usher or other staff member check the audience is "behaving" during a film? I know this shouldn't be necessary as you'd expect people to be able to sit in relative silence for a couple of hours but evidently not. Secondly, how far does someone have to go before they are ejected from a screening? I've been going to the cinema for over twenty years and can state, without hyperbole, that I have never seen people wrestling in an auditorium.

As I took the time and effort to tell these children to stop messing around and shut up so people could enjoy their film, I'd appreciate it if you could take the time and effort to send me a non-automated response.

Thank you."

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