Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

Another night and again, no films have been watched. I bet you're glad you started reading this when you did. The reason is a combination of writing a post of EatSleepLiveFilm that will be posted tomorrow, my addiction to Mass Effect 2 and the lack of A Serbian Film from Lovefilm. It's starting to feel like they are psyching me up, preparing me almost, for it's arrival.

My post is about several pet hates I have developed over the years when it comes to going to the cinema. Most of you will and should feel the same way. If you don't I will Sonic Boom you in your genitals until you politely ask me to stop.

I've got some friends coming over on Friday night for a film and gaming night, so depending on how they feel about it we may watch A Serbian Film then. I'm sure there's some sort of drinking game we can make up for it.

Probably going to watch Beverly Hills Cop 2 tomorrow night, so I'll whack my thoughts up when I have. I'm becoming acutely aware that I haven't returned the boxset to the rightful owner, despite the fact I've only had it for one day. I can't stand it when people lollygag when it comes to films, like a woman at work who's had my Planet of the Apes boxset for a week longer than intended. True, I kept forgetting to bring it in for about a week, so maybe she is punishing me somehow.

Not that I'm in a rush to watch Beneath The Planet of the Apes anytime soon.

It was mental.

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  1. I've heard A Serbian film is really fucked up. Like a blogger i chat with regularly who is a major Von Trier fan found it to fucked up even for him