Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday, 18th October

No film for me tonight, worked late and it was my turn to do tea.

Just turned on my PS3 to find that Twilight: Eclipse is available to stream through the Lovefilm Player. It's safe to assume I'll only be watching that if I really have to.

Spent a couple of minutes reading over the beginnings of a feature I've been meaning to write for literally four years. It needs work, but I think it has legs. Need to work more on it.

Nervously awaiting the final score of the Leeds vs Coventry match, which I assumed would be on TV but isn't.

Got the Beverly Hills Cop boxset in my bag from a Polish guy at work, want to get them watched this week, and A Serbian Film should be with me from Lovefilm tomorrow. The girlfriend is under strict instructions to stay in the bedroom until I say it's safe to come in, lest I try and rape her.

That was a joke.

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