Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Raging Bull

Watched Raging Bull for the first time in years last night and on Blu Ray of all things. I recently watched Taxi Driver on Blu and it knocked my socks off, so I was hoping for something similar with Raging Bull. It didn't make my spine tingle anywhere near as much but it's still a very brilliant film.

Watching it after Beverly Hills Cop 3 only made it seem more perfect.

It's been said a million times before but Robert De Niro was the greatest actor of his generation and it makes me sad that more or less everything he's been in in the last decade has been below par. But I guess all those restaurants and film festivals he owns need to be paid for somehow.

Sprawling essays have been written about how brilliant this film is, so I won't be writing any more than this to sum it up: it's one of the best films ever and with good reason, it's a film so lovingly made by a director who thought it was his swan song. I'm glad it wasn't, but if it were, I'd have been happy.

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