Monday, 24 October 2011

Beverley Hills Cop 2 & 3

Last week I revealed to the world that I hadn't seen Beverly Hills Cop and the world, by which I mean you fine people reading this blog and what follow me on Twitter, was shocked. I can understand the reaction, everyone in the world has seen Beverly Hills Cop; most of the people I know watched it as kids but I didn't and it just became one of those series I'd probably end up watching later.

Anyway, after scoring a Blu Ray of Beverly Hills Cop I am pleased to report that I loved it. It had just the right blend of action and comedy and it was great to see Eddie Murphy be funny.

Last night I watched Beverly Hills Cop 2, which is fundamentally the same film but with added "Tony Scott", but hell, I enjoyed it.

Right now I've just finished watching Beverly Hills Cop 3. I've never felt so compelled to do the washing up in my entire life. Boring set-pieces, stupid setting and a very different and unlikeable Axel Foley.

I look forward to seeing how Beverly Hills Cop 4 turns out.

Now that I've checked off a franchise the world was shocked I hadn't seen, time for another. Die Hard.

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